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Cindy and other comrades:
        When I needed to come up with a mission statement when we joined
our regional library system, I called ALA (or perhaps AASL) and they
faxed me one.  Using that as raw material certainly saved me a great deal
of effort.  Bruce

^^ Bruce J. Nelson               ^^^^^  phone  708 424-7400 x210      ^^
^^ Library Director              ^^^^^  fax    708 424-7493           ^^
^^ Evergreen Park H.S.           ^^^^^  email  nelsonb@sls.lib.il.us  ^^
^^ 9901 S. Kedzie Ave.           ^^^^^                                ^^
^^ Evergreen Park, IL  60805     ^^^^^                                ^^
^^                               ^^^^^                                ^^

On Thu, 30 Jan 1997, cindy brown wrote:

> At long last our district is interested in formulating a Library Mission
> Statement for K-8.  Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I'd appreciate
> any examples from other schools.  Please e-mail (if you have time to type
> it all out) or FAX them to my attention at:  916-842-1716.  Thank you very
> much!
>                         Cindy Brown
> Cindy Brown, librarian, Jackson Street School

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