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Recently I learned that a construction project in my school will
necessitate boxing up my entire collection for the summer (unless of
course, I want to leave it on the shelf and take my chances with falling
debris).  My LMC has approximately 10,000 items and we are used to using
everything until the last minute and then I take my time after school is
out in June to put everything back together.

I would appreciate some input from those who have experienced similar
projects.  I am unsure about many things--
        How long does it take to box everything up?
        Is there a library source for boxes that hold things in shelf order?
        Did you use volunteers to help with this project?
        Did you begin closing down areas with less use first and keep
                high use areas open until the very end?
        What special provisions did you make for computers, etc.
        I will have no access to the building all summer long--how did
                you select those necessary items that you will need
                during the summer?
        What arrangements were made for incoming orders over the summer?

I apologize if these seem like ridiculous questions--it's just that I'm
used to stopping by once a week over the summer to keep up with the mail,
etc., and I'm feeling overwhelmed by this prospect.

Responses to me would be appreciated.

Kay Weisman
        When I get a little money, I buy books; and, if any is left, I buy
        food and clothes.  --Erasmus--

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