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Changes are going to be made in our district so we are seeking
information to help make decisions.  We would like to know which
districts have access to a district media center in addition to
libraries in each shcool.  This could be a cooperative, county
facility, or some other type of district distribution center that
checks out materials to schools in the area to supplement building
     We are a national exam center and receive books from publishers
which become the property of our district.  Does anyone know how many
centers of this type there are?  Where are they located?  How are
these materials handled?
     Our district has 45,000 students at 94 sites.  We would like to
know how libraries are staffed in districts this size.  How many
librarians?  Clerks?  Budgets?  Are you on-line?  Is there a district
union catalog available at each school?
            E-mail us at lms259@feist.com.  You will have a warm place in our
hearts if you reply to any of these questions (and maybe a special
booksmark, too).

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