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Starring one of our very own LM_NET members (guess who?)
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February 20, 1997, 1-3 pm ET

Produced by the Consortium of College and University Media Centers and PBS
Adult Learning Service

License Fees:

By January 23, 1997
Standard Fee:                   $350
CCUMC/ALSS/TBC Associates:              $250

After January 23, 1997
Standard Fee:                   $375
CCUMC/ALSS/TBC Associates:              $275

Call PBS Customer Support Center:  1-800-257-2578
FAX PBS Customer Support Center: 703-739-8495 or 703-739-0775
Visit the PBS/ALSS Web site: http://www.pbs.org/als/programs/vc/fairuse2.html
PBS Adult Learning Service, 1320 Braddock Place, Alexandria, VA 22314-1698

What will be covered?
The Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia were adopted in
September, 1996, in a non-legislative report by the U.S. House of
Representatives Subcommittee on Courts and Intellectual Property.  Prior to
these guidelines, an instructor who wanted to include excerpts from multiple
sources and multiple formats as part of a multimedia teaching project risked
being sued by one or more copyright holders.  Although the guidelines do not
have the force of law, they provide guidance to educational users and
encourage the creation of multimedia teaching projects while protecting the
rights of copyright holders.

This live satellite videoconference will explain what the final fair use
guidelines for educational multimedia permit and what they prohibit by
clarifying and interpreting how the guidelines can be used in real-world
situations.  Two panels will be available for this discussion and to answer
your questions.

Panel one will include six members of the Fair Use Guidelines Working
Committee who, over a period of two years, met regularly to develop
guidelines that balanced the interests of educators and copyright owners.
Members of this panel will interpret and clarify the guidelines, shed light
upon the development process, discuss the congressional validation process
and the committee's relationship with CONFU (Conference on Fair Use), and
field questions from the audience.

--Mary Levering, Associate Register for National Copyright Programs, US
Copyright Office;
--Lisa Livingston, Director of Instructional Media, City College/City
University of New York, and Chair Government Regulation and Public Policy
Committee, Consortium of College and University Media Centers;
--Carol Risher,  Vice President for Copyright and New Technology,
Association of American Publishers;
--Judith Saffer, Assistant General Counsel, Broadcast Music Inc., and
President, Copyright Society of the United States;
--Bernard Sorkin, Senior Counsel, Time Warner, Inc. ;
--Joann Stevens, Vice President for Communications, Association of American
Colleges and Universities;
--Moderator: Paul Anthony.

Panel two will include six educators and other "fair users" who will offer
insight into the importance of the guidelines to the educational community,
provide practical advice on implementation, and respond to call-in questions
and to comments by the first panel.

--Jerri Linke, Director of Media, Willmar Senior High School, Willmar,
--Rose Marino, Associate General Counsel, University of Kansas;
--Dr. Mary Lou Mosley, Associate Dean of Instruction, Paradise Valley
Community College, Maricopa Community College District, Phoenix, Arizona;
--Dr. Donald Rieck, Executive Director, Consortium of College and University
Media Centers;
--Larry Vice, President-Elect, National Association of Regional Media Centers;
--Stanley Zenor, Executive Director, Association for Educational
Communications and Technology;
--Moderator: Pat Boddy.

Complete text of the Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia may be
found at http://www.libraries.psu.edu/avs/fairuse/default.html


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