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>I would like to know if anyone out there is using the AppleIIe or the
>AppleIIgs for students to have access to the Internet and if anyone has
>them networked. We are planning to network our school and have the older
>IIe and IIgs along with some newer Macs and a few IBMs. If anyone is using
>these, please reply to me or to LM_NET. Thanks. Sandra
I just found a web site that has info about accessing the web with the
Apple II.
goto http://www.visi.com/~nathan/a2/faq/index.html
Save that as a bookmark or favorite!  You may have seen this mentioned in a
post on Apple II software I posted today also!  Finally we have some

Mrs. Jeanette B. Heath
Library Media Specialist
Red Creek Jr./Sr. High School
Red Creek, NY 13143

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