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Forward from  Patricia D. Wallace,  Chair, Hawaii Working Group
(ALA Social Responsibility Round Table /Alternatives in Print Division

From:  Anonymous librarian
To:  Hawaii Working Group
Subject: Question for Bart Kane
Date:  Jan. 7, 1997

        Given the mission of the American Library Association "to enhance
learning and ensure access to information to all" (ALA Policy Manual,
Section One, Mission) and its priority goal of developing, managing
and preserving library collections which "provide access for users to
the full range of available knowledge and information" (ALA Policy
Manual, Section One, Priority Area A, Goal 4), how does Mr. Kane
justify the devastating self-censorship of his "Walmart Approach" to
library service, which denies the entire population of the State of
Hawaii public access to any current, alternative, non corporate
publication or point of view for the next five years?

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