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REF: Multi-Cultural/diversity sites 01/04/80 Paul Kreamer
Books read on index cards 03/03/96 Marta Williamson
TARGET : career sites on the web 03/12/96 denfeld
Interview Questions 10/15/96 Kendra Sikop
Re: Cataloging Opinions 02/25/97 Gayle Hodur
Subject headings for Bellairs 02/27/97 Gayle Hodur
National Poetry Month 02/28/97 Lisa Anastasi
Gen: 02/28/97 Nancy Stone
Grant info/Red coat 02/28/97 Patti Ketelsen
Rolling Stone Mag (Oct. 1986) 02/28/97 Ron Klitzkie
"Dancing with change: electronic resources & services" 02/28/97 Ron Klitzkie
Re: Netscape bookmarks 03/01/97 Rodney F. Indish
Re: Grant info/Red coat 03/01/97 Judy Ermlick
GREETINGS 03/01/97 Gail Barker
TARGET:Media Retrieval Systems 03/01/97 Cathy Hay
GEN: What's New on the Michigan Electronic Library 03/01/97 Peter Butts
MID: Social stud. text review 03/01/97 Joanne Sullivan
Re: Internet vs Print 03/01/97 Jane DeNeve
Re: LM_NET Digest - 26 Feb 1997 - Special issue 03/01/97 Jeri Wolf
HIT: Head Lice 03/01/97 Jayne E. Moore
Information Highway @ AERA, Chicago 03/01/97 Lillian Wehmeyer
Re: Internet vs Print 03/01/97 Judy Ermlick
TARGET: Internet Use Policies 03/01/97 Debra Waugh
GEN: Greetings/Board Presentation 03/01/97 Ann Mathena
Re: MAC version of Powerpoint 03/01/97 Kevin Dellit
TX-Symposium on Motivating Readers 03/01/97 Jeanette Carolyn Larson
Humor: Letters to a *not* bad author 03/01/97 T. K. Cassidy
Re: Internet vs Print 03/01/97 John_Goldsmith
SEC: Foreign Language CD-ROMs 03/01/97 Janet M. Bernreuther
LM_NET FAQ, revised March 1, 1997 03/01/97 Susan Baker
Attn: Bev Rovelli 03/01/97 MS_HERBERT
Ideas sought for Public School and Public Library cooperative 03/01/97 Sandy Earnest
HIT: Church Library Automation 03/01/97 Leslie Mastronardo
Target:Library para evaluation (Elem.) 03/01/97 BCOURTER
HIT:MYSTERIES FOR 6TH GRADERS 03/01/97 Janet Kleinberg
a brief story of serendipity 03/01/97 Betty Carpenter
Target: cloning, web sites 03/01/97 Betty Carpenter
GEN: Arguments for Increased Media center Professional staff 03/01/97 Joanne Parnes
Athena 03/01/97 Phyllis Gardner
Re: Must Read Paperbacks 03/01/97 Katy England Franklin
Genetics and English 03/01/97 Joann Haberli
Internet vs. ANY other source 03/01/97 Pat Dalpiaz
NC Outer Banks Sights..Querry 03/01/97 Anitra Gordon
JOBS: VA only--would like information 03/01/97 Kathy Parker
SEC: author CDROMs on network 03/01/97 Gloria Bush
GEN: Internet vs Print sources 03/01/97 Verna M. Labounty
Death-Knell for Outsourced Book Selection in Hawaii 03/01/97 Pat Wallace
Hawaii Poll 03/01/97 Pat Wallace
GEN: Reminder: Announcements Listserv! 03/01/97 Peter Milbury
large print books and web menu 03/01/97 Dennis M. Wade
Professional Paper Topic 03/02/97 Jennifer Burger
Need recently posted Saxon message 03/02/97 Lin Hatch
Target- time capsule info 03/02/97 Maureen Hardin
Limited Internet Access Ideas 03/02/97 Susan Brown
TECH: Wireless Ethernet LAN 03/02/97 Roz Goodman 790-4207
Re: Cataloging--cost effective? 03/02/97 Dave Thomas
TARGET: Jim Trelease workshop 03/02/97 Elizabeth Letterly
TECH: Netscape Gold 03/02/97 William and Marilyn Harfst
cannot access info from archives query line 03/02/97 Elaine Borowick
TECH:Windows 95 security 03/02/97 Mary C. DuChateau
Library reference center 03/02/97 Marie
REF: Clinton handness 03/02/97 Pamela Lawrence Spencer
Target: Gary Hartzell Workshop 03/02/97 Martha Pankratz
TECH: Stuffit 03/02/97 Katy Williams
GEN: Extracurricular Activities 03/02/97 Madeline Buchanan
Handling magazines 03/02/97 Joie Taylor
Periodical databases 03/02/97 william reed
Discipline 03/02/97 Anthony LeTrent
GEN: teacher surveys 03/02/97 Jennifer M. Lyons
Re: Internet vs. ANY other source 03/02/97 Tracey Donaldson
TARGET: Books for deaf child 03/02/97 MaryEllen George
TARGET: Athena Users--Do You Like It? 03/02/97 Karlene K. Edwards
GEN: Marketing your library 03/02/97 Carr, Brenda
TECH: Wish List 03/02/97 Joan Marstiller
Re: selection tools/professional books 03/02/97 Judith F. Davie
Re: Must Read Paperbacks 03/02/97 Catherine L Purgahn
Re: GEN: Extracurricular Activities 03/02/97 Sandra W. Griffith
Media Distribution Systems 03/02/97 Clarence Grimm
TARGET: Song words-Glow Little glow worm 03/02/97 Barb Ehlers
Middle School 03/02/97 Bev Schumann
Courses Eliminated: Children's Lit. 03/02/97 Jeanette B. Heath
Re: Backing up 03/02/97 Jeanette B. Heath
Re: GEN - Outrageous Pricing 03/02/97 Rhonda Smith (LIS)
Re: Architect likes small library 03/02/97 Larry Parsons
Hit: Faculty lists on web pages 03/02/97 Robin Tanis
Hit: Library skills 03/02/97 T. K. Cassidy
Re: Courses Eliminated: Children's Lit. 03/02/97 Barbara R. Herbert
Stock prices 03/02/97 Thomas - Madgelene
Target: Elem. Software to teach grammar skills. 03/02/97 Jeanette B. Heath
Revolutionary War//West Va. 03/02/97 Katharine Bruner
GEN: Book read on index cards 03/02/97 Jeanette B. Heath
HIT:REF: Clinton's handness 03/02/97 Pamela Lawrence Spencer
King books 03/02/97 Jeanette B. Heath
Re: TECH:Windows 95 security 03/02/97 Suzanne W. Hawley 813-592-1777
ELEM: Need Crane (bird) books. 03/02/97 Suzanne Weinheimer
Infotrac responses 03/02/97 Elsie Sullivan
Courses 03/02/97 Anne C Oelke
ELEM: St Patty's Day sites 03/02/97 Suzanne Weinheimer
ELEM: Websites for Music in our Schools month 03/02/97 Suzanne Weinheimer

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