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HIT> re: cataloging videos 03/02/97 Suzanne Weinheimer
Follett's Search for Windows 03/02/97 Elisa Baker
New England - job search 03/02/97 Kathleen Finnerty
TARGET:Elem. grades for library 03/03/97 beth kapp
Bird symbolism 03/03/97 Judyth
Want to review books? Find translations? 03/03/97 Richard Moore
Re: Courses Eliminated: Children's Lit. 03/03/97 Victoria L. Rubottom
Re: internet vs paper 03/03/97 St Mary High School
Re: TARGET: Books for deaf child 03/03/97 Roselle_Weiner
Tech: library moving companies - Philadelphia area 03/03/97 pat bender
Re: Internet vs. ANY other source 03/03/97 Betty Dawn Hamilton
Re: Internet vs. ANY other source 03/03/97 Elizabeth Letterly
WASC FOCUS ON LEARNING 03/03/97 Marge Congress
REF: Poem 03/03/97 Jackie Corrigan
Alabama only 03/03/97 Gloria Bush
Hit: Art slides 03/03/97 Patricia Tanner Johnson
Re: National Poetry Month 03/03/97 ELIZABETH A. FINDLEY
GRANTS=Cont. Ed. 03/03/97 Jan Rice McArthur
REF- In-text citations/bibl 03/03/97 barnetd
Re: Internet vs. ANY other source 03/03/97 Lonna Beers
Anyone from New Zealand? 03/03/97 Bonnie LaClave
Courses, Lit and Cataloging 03/03/97 Barbara Wall
HIT:SEC:READING Ghost stories 03/03/97 Kristel Mayberry
GEN: Kelowna 03/03/97 Beth Whitlock
Pen Pal in Alaska 03/03/97 Virjean Griensewic
Gen: Courses for Lib/Media 03/03/97 Debra Rickenberg
GEN : Why I keep doing this! 03/03/97 Joanne Proctor
TARGET:ELEM: Community helper and easy bios 03/03/97 Lorna J. McCloud
GEN: Cheerleading list serve 03/03/97 Tisha Petree
Resource: National Women's History Month 03/03/97 Peter Milbury
ELEM:Social studies/Conflict resolution 03/03/97 Joanne Proctor
GEN: Conference or workshop information 03/03/97 Kathy Geronzin
GEN: students and e-mail 03/03/97 Carol Simpson
Schindler's List - rocks 03/03/97 Judy Turner
Automation - Reasons For 03/03/97 Deborah Smith
Re: TARGET: Athena Users--Do You Like It? 03/03/97 Dr. Yaser Abdel Motey
Re: Cataloging--cost effective? 03/03/97 Mark Williams
? Definition of "spoddled" 03/03/97 Mary Marguerite Ludwick
Internet vs CDs 03/03/97 Joan Rosen
poem needed 03/03/97 John Henne
Elem: Mission statement 03/03/97 Anne Anderson
Baker & Taylor Responds to 2/25 Star Bulletin Poll (part 1) 03/03/97 Kimberley Walker BTB BWTR Mkt WALKERK - BTMAIL
Baker & Taylor Responds to 2/25, Star-Bulletin Poll (part 2) 03/03/97 Kimberley Walker BTB BWTR Mkt WALKERK - BTMAIL
Re: Cataloging Opinions 03/03/97 Betty Louise Copeland
Baker & Taylor Responds to Star Bulletin Poll (Part 3) 03/03/97 Kimberley Walker BTB BWTR Mkt WALKERK - BTMAIL
Re: Discipline 03/03/97 Dick Ramey
Target: Cataloging for the curriculum 03/03/97 Catherine Murphy
Sec: sensitive material 03/03/97 Carol Fuerth
2nd grade keypals 03/03/97 Susan Byrns
Taped books 03/03/97 Victoria Irene Walsh
GEN: YM magazine 03/03/97 Kathy Geronzin
Book read on index cards 03/03/97 jwright
Re: Cataloging Opinions 03/03/97 Barbara R. Herbert
Gif, Jepg files 03/03/97 lsh
Target->Where the Red Fern... 03/03/97 Laura Richards
Definition of "Spoddled" 03/03/97 Mary Marguerite Ludwick
Net help 03/03/97 Marian S. Colclasure
lion..lamb 03/03/97 Nancy Kramer
Pronunciation of Wisniewski 03/03/97 Linda Wilson
Gullah 03/03/97 Nancy Kramer
GEN: Animal sites 03/03/97 Pam Hatton
TECH: Exegy CD-ROM 03/03/97 Mary C. DuChateau
Target: Disney Films in German 03/03/97 Penny Swartz
Re: Pronunciation of Wisniewski 03/03/97 Amy E. Heim
Re: cheerleader list serve 03/03/97 Tisha Petree
Re: Pronunciation of Wisniewski 03/03/97 Todd Grazier
TARGET: Parent/Teen Communication 03/03/97 David & Joan Cobb
Boston Holocaust Memorial 03/03/97 Mary Helen Fischer
Cataloging and Literature classes 03/03/97 Katrina Gormley
GEN: Korean wedding custom 03/03/97 Gibbons - Deborah
HIT: Compaq $1000 computer 03/03/97 Terry Young
Re: Secondary Cataloging 03/03/97 LJacobs363
TX SCHOOL LIBRARIANS 03/03/97 Roberta Hope Moecker
Middle School 03/03/97 Carol Fuerth
Coming through 03/03/97 Terry Roberts
Re: Discipline 03/03/97 Wendy Stoll
Need Greetings 03/03/97 susan gray
Oprah books 03/03/97 Deanna & Marvin McDaniel
GEN: Re: Course Requirements-- Children's Literature 03/03/97 S. Riza
Help! Book title? 03/03/97 Ron Amass
Accelerated Reader tests 03/03/97 Betsy Razza
Re: HIT: ADMIN: Lost Materials 03/03/97 Dr. Dana McDougald
PA Reminder 03/03/97 Jean Bellavance
Re: WWII Videos 03/03/97 Florence Mcelligott
Hannah Senesch 03/03/97 Terry L. Day
TARGET: Block scheduling's effect on libraries 03/03/97 Patsy Roach
Re: TECH: Stuffit 03/03/97 Chuck Finnigan
GEN: cataloguing question 03/03/97 Chuck Finnigan
Re: Oprah books 03/04/97 MaryAnn Rizzo
Re: Book read on index cards 03/04/97 Lynn McCree
SEC: Music Month 03/04/97 Southmont
Re: Oprah books 03/04/97 MaryAnn Rizzo
We need help!! 03/04/97 SCHLnet LMNET Newsgroup
Books read on index cards 03/04/97 Jackie Corrigan
Oprah booklist 03/04/97 Jackie Corrigan
Staff Development Technology Plans 03/04/97 Jacqueline Porter
GEN- State Fact Exchange 03/04/97 nehrinm
Re: Oprah book 03/04/97 Gail Zachariah
GEN:state email addresses 03/04/97 Deborah J. Stafford

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