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Every year, I go to several school and do storytelling and talk to the kids
about libraries or the writing process whichever the teacher has in mind
when they call me. Or they come to the library and I give them a tour of
the 3 story facility including showing them the mysterious taotaomona
(native boogey man spirit) hand print where my office used to be. Then we
go back down and I entertain them with a story or two. (This is what I
really want to do with my life. It is so much fun!)

This is my favorite part of the job. I really love doing it. Most of the
teachers have the kids write their responses to the stories and tour. I
save them all and usually spend the weekend answering them all. But
yesterday I got the topper of all letters from a middle school student (his
teacher was Guam' Top teacher last year). The teacher has saved all my
stories from the magazne (72 +)  They read them and do reports etc.
Following is this young man's letter -- verbatim! What a way to keep a
person humble!!

"Dear T. K. Cassidy:

Hi and hello! Well, I was just writing to thank you for the tour. Also for
telling us the joyful and scary stories. Better yet thanks for telling us a
couple of stories that you wrote and for showing us your friend's

I like the story _Dolphin, Dolphin_. That's a pretty nice story. Oh, ya!
befor I go don't think I'm sucking up. *You're not a bad author.*

Sincerly Phillip

P.S. Happy belated Valentie's Day" (loads of hearts and a happy face)

What a great letter!  Since _Dolphin, Dolphin_ will be my next book, I am
thinking about putting it on my webpage as a pre-publishing review!!

Thanks, Sixth Grade!!

Slainte! Guam is 15 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (USA) --
Living' in the future -- ain't Life grand!

T. K. Cassidy - Children's Librarian /// Guam Public Library
                             Resident Writer, Storyteller &
                             FINALLY published author!! :-)

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