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In a previous article, nstn3528@FOX.NSTN.CA (Gilchrists) says:

>I know that it is possible to set bookmarks that although it will
>record added bookmarks, when netscape is turned off, the bookmark
>file will  go back to the selected default bookmarks.
>What I don't know, is how to do it.  Can anyone help?
>Cathy Gilchrist
>River John Consolidated School
In the dos/windows world the there is 1 file, bookmark.htm that you can
make read only and that will work. In dos, go to the netscape directory
and enter "attrib +r bookmark.htm" without the quotation marks. In
windows95 go to explorer and find the bookmark file and right click on it,
select properties, select read-only, then ok. I can't help you on the Mac
side, but I would think there is something similar.


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