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I think in an elementary school one of the most effective ways to use
one internet connection is to join a listserve that annouces cooperative
projects. I joined Classroom Connect
(ftp://ftp.classroom.net/Classroom-Connect/crcposts/). Almost every day
I would read an annoucement of some project that I knew would fit
perfectly into some teacher's teaching style, interest or curriculum.
There are so many projects out there that require very little internet
access but that generate much enthusiasm and interest. I just printed
off the letters that announced things like "Send Monarch Butterflies to
Mexico" or "Join in writing a poem around the world for UN Day" and put
each announcement in an enthusiastic teacher's office mailbox. They did
the rest. Some ran with the opportunity. Some trashed them I guess.
Teachers began teasing me about "You like her better than me because you
put that in HER box." I finally learned to print off enough copies for
each grade level teacher.

I did end up with an impressive list of internet experiences in which my
students had participated. We made a school board presentation about
what a difference even one little connection made and ended up getting
funding for a T1 line!

It required very little "librarian time" (a must in a school of 875) and
generated massive amounts of good PR with teachers and parents. Others
with similar experiences might want to share the "cooperative project
listserves" they have found to be effective.
Susan Brown smbrown@mindspring.com
Media Specialist
Westside Elementary School http://polk.ga.net/Westside/Westside.html
Cedartown, GA

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