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What's New in The MEL Education Section?

February 28, 1997

* ALA Awards -- links to pages for the 1997 awards and lists
  presented by the childrens' and young adult divisions of
  the American Library Association.

* Association of American Colleges and Universities

* Economics Resources for K-12 Teachers -- crammed with both lesson
  plans and links, from the University of Nebraska at Omaha Center
  for Economic Education.

* IPPEX Science Education Site -- if you've got Shockwave,
  you've got to checkout these cool interactive physics modules
  from the Internet Plasma Physics Education Experience.

* National Poetry Month -- from the Academy of American Poets.

* Teacher's Internet Pages -- a unique multi-purpose resource for
  teachers in international schools.

* Peter Butts                 * "...one man gathers what         *
* East Middle School          *     another man spills."         *
* 373 E. 24th St.             *                                  *
* Holland, MI 49423           *  http://www.macatawa.org/~ems/   *
* pbutts@edcen.ehhs.cmich.edu *   MEL--http://mel.lib.mi.us/     *

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