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Thanks to all who responded to my request for suggestions on
avoiding/ridding head lice on headsets.  Here are the suggestions that I

Place in a sealed plastic bag for a week/month.

Wipe with alcohol and spray with A200 Lice Control Spray ($6.19/bottle at
the pharmacy).

Put them in the freezer overnight.

Disinfect after each use.

Have a separate headset for each student.

Mix a solution of 2 Tbsp. mediscrub soap to 1 qt. of water.  Soak a paper
towel in the solution and clean the headsets.

If there is a known case of head lice, spray with lice spray and don't use
the headsets for three days.

Wash the headsets in shampoo used for head lice.

Put away all headsets until the eopidemic is under control.

Spray with Lysol.

Hope none of us ever face this problem!!!  Jayne

Jayne Moore                     jmoore@umd5.umd.edu
St. Michaels High School        tel (410) 745-2852
200 Seymour Avenue              fax (410) 745-3532
St. Michaels MD  21663

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