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Jane, you're right on!

Excellent observation - those who know the least about the 'Net, believe it
can provide the most.  I've noticed the same thing.

While the Internet is an great source of current information, it is limited
in many areas and in accessability.  As a result, I believe that nothing
beats a good, well developed collection.  There are still topic and subject
areas where "good old, low tech, paper based books make the most sense.  As
well, there are times and situations where newspapers, magazines, vertical
files, CD-ROMs, audio tapes etc., are a more appropriate information

I don't believe there ia any, "one size fits all" or "one solution for
every problem" answer when it comes to libraries or students and their
information needs. Saying the Internet is that one answer is pure folly.

Because there is no one answer, I believe the role of a TL/LMS is vital.
Who best knows the needs of the students, the types of information
available (strengths and weaknesses) and the reality of local situations
(budgets, staffing, local issues and concerns, etc.) and based on that
knowledge, who is best able to develop the collection accordingly?

My $0.02.


> My limited experience (2 yrs) indicates that those who know least about
>or have the least experience with the Internet are convinced it has
>everything.  I've about decided I have to let these folks flounder and
>become somewhat frustrated in not finding what they are *sure* is there
>before I say that I do have the information they seek in print.  Someone
>on this listserv once said that using the internet for everything is
>like driving 50 miles for a quart of milk when there's a dairy store on
>the corner. I'll be interested in others opinions.
>Jane DeNeve
>Western Dubuque H.S.
>Epworth, IA

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