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        A colleague of mine asked me to forward her request on to you for
ideas for her upcoming focus group.  (I suppose it was because of all of my
bragging about our listserv and all of the postings that I've sent her way
from you).
        Any help for her would be greatly appreciated.  If you would like, I
could post a hit.
        Sincerely, Sandy Earnst/Cooper Elementary/ Spokane, Washington
>Sandy Dearest,
>I need your HELP!
> Could you post a message on LM_Net for me?  I need any
>ideas/experience/innovations anyone has for Public School and Public
>Library cooperative projects.  I need ideas for my SPL focus group
>meeting Tuesday.  This stuff could involve cooperative sites, teaming,
>staffing, budgetary items, curricular or reading projects........anything
>where there have been joint ventures between the public schools and
>libraries.  I need to know what works, what doesn't, and any ideas
>librarians have for future projects.
>Can you give them my email address here to respond to?  I am

Sandy Earnest - A Subscriber at Internet On-Ramp, Inc.

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