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I would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to my request for
church library automation software.  Because I received as many requests for
the information as I did actual suggestions, I decided to post a hit.  I hope
this reaches everyone who asked for the information and is helpful.  By far,
I had the most suggestions for Master Library Systems, and this is what I
passed on to the person who asked for my advice.  Here is a sampling of what
I received:  (Thanks again)

My church library that is staffed entirely by volunteers uses a program
out of Huntsville, Al.  The program is Master Library System by Book
Systems, Inc.  Bill Jones and son created the program just for church
libraries. You may contact them at 1-800-219-6571.

Our church library went on the system about a year ago and find it easy
to use and that it serves our need.  All the "older" ladies that work in
the library are still learning but are doing a great job.

I'm in the process of selecting automation software for a small library.
I have found 4 sites on the Internet that might help you:
and two other sites I don't have handy, but keyword searches would
find them: Master Library System  (Alabama) and Library Program by
Microcomputer Business Systems.
I haven't selected software yet. It's been really difficult to find something
I like
within my price range (under $500).


You asked for information on a system for a church library.
>        My church library uses a system called the Master Library System.
It comes in three modules: Level 1, includes data entry, printing of cards,
pockets, labels, etc., with a limit of
>                                1000 entries.
>                   Level 2, adds computer catalog searching and no limit to
number of entries.
>                   Level 3, includes all of previous levels plus
>        When we bought the system in 1992, Level 1 cost $149; Level 2 cost
$449; Level 3
>was $795.  We bought only Level 1 but plan some day to go to the next
level. There is some kind of discount when you move up and add a level.
>        The program works pretty well and we have had no complaints.  I'm
the only libraryian in the group of volunteers, but there is one computer
professional. She has taught the others how to use it. It has relieved us of
the tedium of typing cards, etc., and we know that some day we may actually
have a computerized catalog.
>        We purchased it from the Church Information Systems
>                                                           Baptist Sunday
School Board
>                                                           127 Ninth
Avenue, North
>                                                           Nashville, TN
>                                                           1-800-325-7749
>but the title page of the manual lists the following address:
>                                                           Book Systems,
>                                                           P.O. Box 1221
>                                                           Huntsville, AL

Take a look at Follett's programs.  If all you want to do is catalog items
with the possibility of checking those items out, then you would need the
Circulation program, plus, and I highly recommend this, the CD-ROM known as
"Alliance Plus".  On it are full MARC records of over 500,000 items.  The
items are what is mostly found in schools, but spans Pre-K up through
professional titles.  With these fully catalogued records you could have
some authority control over your records if non-professionsals will be
doing the work.  I suggest, also, that you think in terms of an online
catalog.  It's another module you can get from Follett and really expands
your patrons' searching capabilities.  Follett's number is:
1-800-323-3397.  Good luck!

We have been very pleased w/Nichols Advanced Technologies Inc
1-800-658-9453.  They make Athena.

I use Winnebago:  1-800-533-5430.  I find it is a great program.

I developed this library system for my daughter's elementary school, but
it can just as easily be used for a church library. It does require
Windows 95 so that may be a problem for you. Cost is only $28.00 after a
30 day trial.  Attached is the webpage with details.

School Library Systems (LIBSYS)
Leslie Mastronardo
Manor Middle School
Lancaster, PA

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