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 Let's hear from all you catalogers...are you
>LMS's or have you had special cataloging training and lots of

Reina and others,

I do a LOT of original cataloging and I don't have that much experience. I
am an LMS and I had one cataloging class in graduate school, thank
goodness. Now I run three libraries and I take in as many donations as I
can get. None of those come to me cataloged, so I do all of it myself,
since I have no aide. Paperback books, which I get at used bookstores to
freshen up our YA pleasure reading, only infrequently include any CIP. We
have many Spanish books and those usually have no CIP and also, I usually
can't read them, since my Spanish isn't that great. I can read enough to
know what the basic content is. I'm glad to have this cataloging
experience, even though I'm learning from scratch and probably doing some
of it incorrectly. The pre-cataloged materials aren't always correct,

Gayle Hodur

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