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It was the end of the day, the end of the week before vacation.  The
computers were shut off, and a teacher who uses our collection regularly was
browsing our reference area.

At a point when I sensed he needed help, I approached him to offer

He started to ask about the computers,  and I moved to set one up (2
switches, 60 sec.): but he said, "You know.   Where do I find books about

I recited the 929.9 Dewey number, and followed up with a question, what type
of flag information did he want?

He wanted an (unspecified) international flag's emblem explained;  I went
with him to our _Worldmark Ency. of the Nations_ set.   I pulled one volume
at random from the shelf, and opened it randomly,  intending to show that
each article begins with the type of information he had asked for.  The page
opened to Chad.

He yelped, as the book opened, "That's it!  That's the one I needed."

Serendipity does happen in the library, and I just wanted to share my recent
fun with LM_NET!

Betty Carpenter
Rome Free Academy
Rome, NY

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