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My 2 cents worth:  I do find it frustrating that people assume the internet
is the answer to their questions--I am especially frustrated that the
teachers seem to be imparting this to the students.  I have coined this
situation "The Topeka Syndrome" in my workshops with teachers and use this
example:  someone comes in and wants to hop on the internet to find out what
the capital of Kansas is (sometimes because a teacher told them to do it
that way).  There are faster, easier ways to find out that Topeka is the
capital of Kansas than a wide open search for Kansas capital on Altavista or
whatever.  I emphasize that such a search as an introduction to the internet
may prove to be unncessarily frustrating, not to mention slower.  I do
remember this is how the CD Rom encyclopedias were viewed as they first
became commonplace sources of information!!  Gives me some comfort.  Only my
2 cents worth--Pat D
Pat Dalpiaz --
Harpursville Central School
Harpursville NY  13787
607-693-2500 ext 2155

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