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I hope this topic generates some discussion. In my school computer time is
a premium due to heavy scheduling of the lab. The limited number of
computer stations in the LMC (more are in the tech plan, but depend on
money available) forces use of print resources. The teachers have been
very cooperative in planning with me to balance print and Internet. They
like to have Internet sites checked out and posted with their unit plan on
our home page. They use this especially with elementary and middle
schoolers as a way to manage lab time for efficient and effective use by
As a KidsConnect Volunteer who answers kids questions, I always try to
give a combination of sources for the students. I think this is important
so they see that both are tools for their research and to learn the
positives and negatives of a varieyt of resources.
How do others manage this with students?

Verna LaBounty, Lib/Media
AASL KidsConnect Volunteer
Kindred Public School
55 1st Ave. South
Kindred, ND 58051

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