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Dear LM_NET Colleagues,

Just in case you missed our earlier announcements:

     EL-ANNOUNCE - the listserv of announcements about products
                   and services by education and library vendors.

I'm sure that many of you know that we struggle to keep LM_NET and other
listservs free from commercial and unsolicited announcements.  Thanks to
the Hospitality Committee, I believe we've done a pretty good job of this.

But, as people have pointed out, sometimes we want to hear from vendors
and organizations about new products and services, special offers and
opportunities, or interesting developments.

In response to this need while keeping LM_NET commercial-free, we have
created a new, read-only listserv: EL-ANNOUNCE.

This "announcements" listserv allows vendors and organizations to send you
notices and promotional materials if you want to receive them.  You can
choose to receive these messages by subscribing to EL-ANNOUNCE (Education
and Library Announcements).

EL-ANNOUNCE is a moderated, _read-only_ list.  If you subscribe, you will
receive announcements of new products, services, or opportunties
specificially suited the the education and library fields. This is an
announcement list only--there will be no discussion, but you will be able
to reply directly to a specific vendor to obtain additional information.

We hope that EL-ANNOUNCE will be an efficient way for you to keep up with
new products and services while at the same time allowing us to keep
LM_NET and other listservs devoted to educational and library topics free
of commercial messages.


To subscribe to EL-ANNOUNCE, send an email message to:

In the message area, write: subscribe EL-ANNOUNCE YourFirstName

That's all you need to do.  The "digest" function is also available if you
prefer to have your messages grouped.  You still get all messages, just
not one at a time.  If you want to try the DIGEST setting, after you are
subscribed, send another message to:

The message should read:
set EL-ANNOUNCE digest

If you don't like the digests, you simply change your settings back by
sending another message to listserv@listserv.syr.edu
set EL-ANNOUNCE mail


Finally, please note that:

(1) Traffic will be limited to one message per participating vendor per
week.  The list is moderated to ensure compliance and to see that messages
are relevant to library and education interests.

(2)  Messages will be archived for 6 months on the AskERIC Virtual Library.

(3)  Participating vendors and organizations are required to support the
administration of the listserv through a small annual contribution.

(4)  During this start-up period, traffic is likely to be very light.  We
anticipate that it will take a month or so to get things flowing. If
you don't receive many messages right away, don't worry.

Vendors who wish to obtain information on how to support EL-ANNOUNCE and
place their postings on the list should email to

Moderator, EL-ANNOUNCE <announce@ericir.syr.edu>

I hope you'll consider joining us in EL-ANNOUNCE.  We believe that it
will prove to be of great value to all of us.


Mike Eisenberg

          |       Mike Eisenberg   <mike@ericir.syr.edu>             |
          |      Professor, School of Information Studies            |
          | Director, ERIC Clearinghouse on Information & Technology |
          |         4-216 Center for Science and Technology          |
          |      Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 13244-4100        |
          |        Phone: 315/443-4549   Fax: 315/443-5448           |

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