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        Hello, everyone.  First of all, I would like to thank all of the
wonderful LM_NETters who have responded to my previous requests.  I am in
the process of compiling the responses so I can post a HIT to the
        I am also currently in the process of deciding the topic of my
professional paper (a requirement for my Master of Science in Library and
Information Technologies).  It's interesting because I have been working
with my 4th graders this week on narrowing research topics and "focusing."
But this is exactly what I am having a problem with.  I have thought of
all types of things I would like to research, but haven't hit upon that
"perfect" idea.  That is why I am asking the experts.  Here is a brief
list of some of the ideas I've been thinking of:
        *Successful, innovative collaborative techniques for library media
         specialists and classroom teachers
        *Ways schools/library media specialists are using their
         school's home pages on the Internet
        *Ways Big Six skills are used in elementary schools
        *Integration of technology skills into the traditional information
         skills curriculum
        *Ways students perceive the library media center and the role of
         the library media specialist
        *Facility planning for library media centers in the 21st century
        *Impact of on-line catalogs on book selection of elementary
        *Some type of study of students who are allowed to use the
         Internet and those who are not

        Like I said, I just don't feel like I've come across the "perfect"
topic yet.  I am interested in any responses you can give me.  Does
anyone have any other suggestions on a hot topic that would work well for
a professional paper?  It could be a research topic or an actual
experiment.  I appreciate your suggestions.  If there is sufficient
interest, I will post a HIT of the topics suggested.  Thank you!

                <>           Jennifer Burger              <>
                <>       Library Media Specialist         <>
                <> Lee Elementary   Springdale, Arkansas  <>
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