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I have been yearbook advisor for two years and am trying to convince the
principal to assign that duty to someone else as it takes too much time
away from my library responsibilities.  Since we are a K-8 school much of
the preparation for the yearbook falls on my shoulders and I find myself
using my flexible time to work on the yearbook instead of promoting the use
of the library.

I am interested in what extracurricular duties other librarians have in
addition to the duties listed on their job descriptions and how they relate
to the library itself.   Please reply directly to me at mlbuchan@scott.net.

madeline Buchanan

 Madeline L. Buchanan         Voice:  (205) 838-7620, 838-7666 or 838-7673
 Library Media Specialist     Fax:    (205) 838-7622
 W. J. Christian School       Email:  mlbuchan@scott.net
 Birmingham, Alabama          http://www.scott.net/~mlbuchan/

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