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I'm wondering if anyone has found a way to efficently hand the checking in
of magazines when they arrive and claiming missing issues. We are
currently using a visible filing system where we write on cards when the
magazine has arrived. It seems to take a lot of time for the secretary to
do this. I've looked for serials modules to use on a computer and most
work only with an automated system. Our automated system does not have a
serial component. I've thought about building HyerCard stacks, but am not
sure that would be any faster. Has anyone set up a spreadsheet or database
to do this task. I open to suggestions.

Joie Taylor
Coordinator of Library Services         *********************************
Columbus Public Schools                         Change is difficult,
P.O. Box 947                                    even when you want it.
Columbus, NE 68602                      *********************************
(402) 563-7000
fax (402) 563-7005
email: jtaylor@gilligan.esu7.k12.ne.us

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