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We also back up daily, but have a program (ARCSOLO) that does it at night,
onto a tape.  That way it inconveniences no one.  I just have to check it
and put the tape away the next day.

We also use a rotating system of tapes, so that if a problem sneaks in
gradually, I still have a tape from last month, the month before etc.  This
system was suggested by the Computer Dept at our BOCES.
The tapes are labled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, First Friday,
Second Friday, Third Friday, 1st Month, Second Month, 3rd Month, and there
is a checklist sheet that goes with it, plus I write the date on the tape

If anyone would like the system, please send me a SSAE and I will send you
the procedure and the checklist sheet.  Sorry, tapes not included! :)

Also be aware that tapes wear out!  I buy a new set of 5 every year to
replace the Mon-Thurs., and one of the others.

Mrs. Jeanette B. Heath
Library Media Specialist
Red Creek Jr./Sr. High School
Red Creek, NY 13143

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