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We will soon be running a bond for a K-8 building in our fairly small
school district (1,200+ students). The buildings we have visited that
were designed by our architect all had tiny libraries with little storage.
The word he is giving our board and superintendent is that because of
technology (especially CD technology), the need for a spacious school
library is no longer a necessity.

Please help me form a short yet persuasive argument for the need of a
good-sized library with storage for media, magazines and the like. Our
bond committee is being bombarded with all sorts of complaints,
and I want mine heard and heeded!

Larry A. Parsons                        * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Ocean Beach School District             *      Some nights      *
Long Beach, WA 98631                    * the wolves are silent *
360-642-3731                            *   and the moon howls  *
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