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Several weeks ago I asked for advice on whether or not faculty should be
listed on web pages.  Here are the responses:

From: acoelke@peoples.net (Anne C Oelke)
Personally,  I would prefer that my name not be listed on a web page.  I am
a very private person in some ways.  As staff members we do not expect our
names to be on the letterhead of our district, so why should they be on a
web page?  What purpose does it serve?
And yes, some solicitors will use this as a source.  I already get too many
phone calls from these people.  I do not need more.

From: Ron McAtee <rmcatee@netnitco.net>
We have our teachers listed along with their department and e-mail
address.  One plus is that alumni are writing to them with offers to
help them.  Take a look at our site listed below.
Our STATE lists each teacher, their salary, # of years exp, teaching
assignment and more on a list at the STATE web site -- it has been up
for years.  (Did have social sec. #s there for a while :( )

From: Susan Weiss <sweiss@cks.ssd.k12.wa.us>
I am in charge of our school's web site.  We have both pictures and
names of the faculty and the school's telephone number.  There have been
some job inquiries and department inquiries via the return email
contact, which is me.  I haven't had any problems.
The trickier problem is having student names and pictures on the web.
We have a limited number of these (student leaders) and have their
parents sign a PR release for picture and name on our web site.
Our URL is:  http://sea-css.ssd.k12.wa.us/ballard/index.html

From: Janjulau@aol.com
No names appear, and they will not unless we have permission of the person.

From: mswist@portalinc.com (Martin Swist)
IMHO, there is nothing wrong with publishing the names of faculty members
on a school website.  We do.  We also include  photos of some of our
faculty and adminisration.
If your school gives e-mail accounts to faculty, and you use a system
(first initial + last name, for example) anyone can figure that out and
sent e-mail to any faculty member whether or not he/she is listed on your
website.  Also, I don't see the relationship between a website presence and
telephone solicitation.  It's the telephone directory, not the website,
that is the problem--if any.
While we do not ask for consent, we certainly honor the wishes of a faculty
member who does not want to be included--for whatever reason.
Take a look at our high school departments, for example, on our website.
The first link is to "faculty", then to departments.  In most cases, we
show a photo and the teacher's schedule.  The URL for our school is listed
in my signature below.  The following is the URL for our HS homepage:

From: Christine Stang <cstang@east.slc.k12.ut.us>
His concern may be legitimate since you may have a staff member who may
>have a problematic situation and wishes to keep his or her whereabouts
>somewhat confidential. Anyone reading your page could find out more info
>since they can get to the school.  In this age of stalking etc. everything
>becomes difficult.

From: Bill Tarbi <wtarbi@deltanet.com>
>I am afraid that your adminstrator is correct. Nothing is private on the
>net. If you put names on your site, spiders and bots (as in robots)
willcomb the names and address out and put them on lists that spammers will use.

>From: "Phyllis R. Mitchell" <pmitchel@westga.edu>
You should have concent, and it is good to list faculty and what they
>teach.  I would not list personal info like home phone numbers;
>pictures might be optional...

From: Monica Kemp <mkemp@isd.net>
We are all public employees (if working in a public school) so our name
>is a matter of public record.  We list our teachers names, position and
>e-mail addresses, but give no other personal information.  So far, no
>one has complained about unwanted solicitation that result from this
>information published on our website.
From: "Va. Martin, Ketron Middle School" <MARTINV@ten-nash.ten.k12.tn.us>
We were cautioned about giving any personal info or pictures that would
>identify individuals either staff or student.  I did not include any names
>on my own small page, but I noticed that other schools on our VolWeb site
>did.  I guess it boils down to individual discretion, and perhaps you
>should have permission from the person before publishing his name.

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