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When I was in Rutgers Library School  (1979-1982) the students in the
Educational Media track (for the "school librarians") were required to
take two reference classes, cataloging, AV materials/equipment,
children's lit and YA lit.  The two literature classes  and the AV
materials/equipment class often had students from the graduate school of
education enrolled as well as the library school students.    We asked
one of our advisors (the AV professor) why we had education students in
our classes, and his response was: "They don't teach the literature or AV
classes to undergrads anymore, because the administrators assume they'll
get it in graduate school.  They don't teach the courses in graduate
schools of education, because the administrators figure the students had
them as undergrads.  We're the only school at Rutgers that teaches the
courses, so we get the education students too."

Sad commentary on the state of education, isn't it.....


Barbara R. Herbert              home:<bherb@juno.com>
Georgian Court College  work:<herbert@georgian.edu>
Lakewood, NJ  08701-2697

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