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I also had to devise a system to keep track of what I've read.  I tried the
3x5's in the spiral bound format, but soon outgrew that as I couldn't add
pages.  So I purchased a 6ring binder (about 5x7") and some extra pages.
It's kind of like a planner.
I keep at least one page for each letter of the alphabet and organize it by
When I purchase a book I add it to the list with a check mark followed by
an underline.
When I read the book, I place an R on the underline.
If I get rid of the book (sell, donate or used bkstore) I cross it out with
one line so I can still read it.  Some authors have their own page.  I
include books I read from my school library media center, and place my
school code after the title, crossing it out when I return it.  If I am
collecting the books, I may indicate "hard" if it's hardcover or the series
name if pertinant.

This sounds complicated but really isn't.  I found that the publishers
changed the covers, and I ended up purchasing the same book several times.

I now MUST have my Reading Catalog with me before I purchase books!  I
carry it in my purse during Garage Sale season!

Mrs. Jeanette B. Heath
Library Media Specialist
Red Creek Jr./Sr. High School
Red Creek, NY 13143

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