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I hate to bother the whole list for this, but I'm not sure how else to do
this.  I am a student at the University at Albany and will be graduating this
May.  I am looking for a position somewhere in the Northeast, preferably CT,
RI or MA.  I would like to work in a small school in a small community where
I can really reach the kids.  I am currently interning in a K-5 school with
310 students and love the environment.

I would love a school that's completely automated with Internet access, but
am not picky!!  If any of you LM_Netters out there hear of any open
positions, I would really appreciate it if you could send me an email.  I've
been a member of this list since November and have saved so many wonderful
ideas that have been posted here!!

Also, if anyone has any other ideas of ways for me to find a job out of
state, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Kathleen Finnerty
University at Albany
School of Information Science and Policy student
Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

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