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Jeanette B. Heath wrote:
>  Talk about frustration.  So if they
> don't teach cataloging and they don't teach lit., what are they having
> Library students do to get these degrees?

        At Emporia State University  at least much much time is spent on
learning to think. (at one time they had 15 required hours dealing with
knowledge/ :Philosophy, tranfer ,systems, history etc. etc.)   This was
a direct quote in class (at least Dr. Martha Hale's) "Any skills ,i.e.
processing books,shelving,collection management  you need for your job
can be learned in a half a day .  We are here to teach you to think."
To be fair in the perfect library this might be true, luckily I knew
that in the real world that just not so.
        Some programs seen to think acutal contact with the collection is
demeaning and a waste of professional time.  I agree too much of
"fritter work" is wasteful ,but you do need to handle the collection to
make sure your decsions are based on accurate knowledge .
Victoria Rubottom
Sacred Heart School
Emporia, Kansas

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