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On Sun, 2 Mar 1997, Tracey Donaldson wrote:
> easily and quickly!   While the Internet is an invaluable resource to have, I
> do not feel that it should be put on a pedestal as "the" resource to consult
> for any and all needed information.

Yes, and just this weekend on a television news interview, one person
was telling another how *anyone* can put up a professional looking web
page and claim *anything* to be true.  Then a guy who was a bit of an
extreme was interviewed about his home pages. He was one whom most of us
wouldn't believe if we were talking face to face, but apparently his web
pages were well done. Of course, WE know not to trust everything we read
on the internet, but how many newbies and untrained people know to
recognize propaganda and/or just plain "kooky" postings and web sites
that are put there just for the shock value?

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