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Alabama Media Specialists:

Please take a few minutes to respond to the survey below.  It is extremely
important that we have input from all media specialists, even those who
are not presently members of the Alabama Library Association.

Just reply to my email address or to that of the survey's originator,
Connie Rosenblatt, listed at the end of the survey.

Gloria Bush, Chair
Children's and School Librarians Division
Alabama Library Association
What would you like for the Alabama Library Association to do for you?
Please rank in importance.)

_____A.  Provide regional (area) workshops to help you
_____B.  Provide better programs at the annual state convention
_____C.  Be more active in legislative matters that affect libraries
                throughout the state
_____D.  Be move visible at LAMP and other functions for librarians across
                the state
_____E.  Provide more pertinent information useful to children's libraries
                in THE ALABAMA LIBRARIAN
_____F.  Provide a CSLD newsletter devoted to useful information for
                children's libraries
_____G.  Other (Please state what you need):

Connie Rosenblatt, CSLD Survey        wes01@auburn.campus.mci.net
Gloria Bush, CSLD Chair               bushg@aspire.cs.uah.edu

Gloria Bush                     W. P. Davidson High School
Media Specialist                Mobile, AL
bushg@aspire.cs.uah.edu         "A Blue Ribbon School 1991 and 1996"

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