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Hi Fellow Librarians!!

Last week there was a posting about a teacher education workshop this summer
in the Rainforests of Peru.  I REALLY want to GO to this workshop.  To put
it lightly...I would DIE to go!!!

Unfortunately...like most teacher/librarians....I am somewhat cash poor.
SO....I want to find a GRANT to pay my way!!!  The cost is approximately
$2,000 ALL inclusive....so we aren't talking a fortune here!!!!

My question is....does ANYONE know of any grants available of places I could
inquire to find information of grants....to pay for this kind of continuing
education program for educators???

Please respond to me directly.....Thanks SO much!!!!

Have a GREAT day!!!!  :)
Jan Rice McArthur, LMS
Matilda Hartley Elementary
Macon, GA

"I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart's
affections and the truth of imagination."  -John Keats

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