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Friends:  I am also a graduate of Syracuse University LMS program.  I was
not required to take any literature courses to graduate but can't imagine
graduating without soem basic literature information.  I was lucky to be
able to get Young Adult and Children's Lit from which I learned a lot
about the field of literature, writing, reviewing and analyzing.  I also
learned to USE literature with children.  Haivng come from a business
background, not teaching as so many of my classmates did, I felt those lit
courses particularly important.  If possible I will take some lieterature
or reading course again within the next two years to help keep me current
on trends and new literature as I am no longer in a school library but an
administrator. As for cataloging, I was told I did not need it!!!
However, this time I knew better!  and  did take cataloging from a gifted
professor  who left after one year and who is now back at Syracuse.  I
learanead to catalog for my readers and to use common sense.  It was athe
one course that was really FUN, honestly.  This professor was truly gifted
and made a dry subject enjoyable.  THanks Stuart Sutton
Barbara Wall, Oswego County BOCES, School Library System,

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