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  It's me again.  For our 5th grade state social studies assessment, the
teacher has chosen the theme of "conflict resolution."  Students must
complete a project giving various perspectives (e.g., civic, geographic,
historical) on an issue. They must use both primary and secondary sources.
There are three classes working on this.  It must be completed and graded
by the 14th!  They had been involved in another major event and are just
now getting started.  The teacher just told me the theme.  I would like to
come up with as many issues as possible to prevent overlapping use of
materials.  Issues such as new highways in our area, compliance with ADA,
school integration are appropriate.  Anybody have any ideas.  She wants to
start this tomorrow.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Joanne Proctor, Librarian
Most Pure Heart of Mary School
Topeka, KS

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