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At 08:42 AM 3/2/97 -0600, you wrote:
>How long does it take to catalog a book from scratch? How much does
>the corresponding MARC record cost from a reliable vendor? I think a
>school district is getting more for its money having the librarian
>working with students and staff, instead of being pigeon-holed in
>front a computer doing what somebody else has already done, probably
>   \__o__    Dave Thomas, Librarian

Yes, but....

Have you checked the records coming from some (so-call) reliable vendors?
Many (most) vendors do not produce their own records but buy or import from
databases such as OCLC.  Many OCLC records are incomplete; some are littered
with errors.  Even the LC makes mistakes (sorry, but it IS true!).  If the
librarian hasn't had cataloging, they are likely to swallow such records,
not knowing that they are in error.  How could they tell if they haven't had
such courses?  Remember, the discussion was about the dropping of such
courses from MLS and credential programs, not whether or not to use
electronic records.  By all means, use them; but check and modify them when
necessary.  To do that, you must know cataloging.

And what about the items (and there are MANY) that must be cataloged at the
site because no records exist for them, or such records are only the
briefest of the brief?  Again, cataloging is a necessity.

My $1.95 worth!

Mark Williams
Colton High School

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