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We presently have Magazine Articles Summaries (EBSCO's magazine
index)--and we can afford the index only at this time--as well as SIRS on
CD ROMs.  Our administration is providing our schools with Internet
access next year, and now they think we will be longer need the M.A.S.
and SIRS.  They believe all full-text articles for back issues of
magazines are available on the 'Net and that indexes (somehow) are also.
They seem difficult to convince otherwise.

How am I going to do that when so far they do not take my word for it?
They have some rather overblown and bizarre ideas about the power of the
'Net, which I love, but really...!!!

I need documentation, and perhaps testimonials from you.  Whateve will help--
at the risk of overloading my mail.  :-)

Thanks to all of you who I am sure will reply, based on your past

Joan Rosen                      |           500 Rices Mill Road
Librarian                       |        Wyncote, PA 19095, USA
Cheltenham High School          |                (215) 881-6380
jrosen@mciunix.mciu.k12.pa.us   |           Fax: (215) 881-6406

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