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     In a time of budget cuts throughout Hawaii and the nation, State library s
ystems are not surviving the budget axe.  Through a competitive bid process, Ba
ker & Taylor was awarded the outsourcing contract, promising to fulfill the qua
ntity, type and mix of materials stipulated by the HSPLS contract.  Baker & Tay
lor is able to provide materials selection, acquisition, cataloging, processing
 and distributions services at an average of $14.06 per unit less than the form
 er process used by the HSPLS.  This equates to a savings of approximately
$1,293,000 a year for taxpayers.
     Baker & Taylor Books stands on its 169-year history of providing quality s
elections at competitive prices to its customers.  The Baker & Taylor team incl
udes 45 Masters of Library Sciences (MLS) degreed librarians that are responsib
le for collectin selectin and cataloging.  The company is the leading supplier
of books, spoken-word audio and related services, ordering from more than 25,00
0 suppliers internationally.  More than 100,000 public schools, universities an
d special libraries, bookstores, and government agencies worldwide rely on Bake
r & Taylor as their supplier.


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