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Thanks to everyone who answered my request about bringing igf and jpeg files
from the internet to powerpoint.

These are some solutions for IBM's only:

1.  Save the images from the net to the windows 95 paint program in the
accessories menu.  Open the image file.  EDIT it by COPYing it to the
clipboard.  Make sure POWERPOINT is open.  PASTE the image from the paint
program into POWERPOINT.

2.  Download L VIEW PRO from the internet.  Save the image from the internet
with the right button SAVE AS.  Open L-VIEW PRO, open saved image and VIOLA!!!
you can do all sorts of retouching, resizing, recoloring, etc.  From EDIT,
COPY the image to the clipboard and PASTE it into the open POWERPOINT.

3.  And this I haven't tried:  Download GraphicConverter from www.shareware.com

4.  Nor I have tried this  Download Paint Shop Pro from www.shareware. com

  As I understand it, #3 and # 4 are programs that will convert formats...

Earl Sande says that when an he saves an image from the internet, he has
started a  file where he stores the images:  banners, icons, tons of stuff
so he can just open the file and use the image when he wants. I haven't done
that yet!!

Thanks all, you have made life so easy...

Next Question:  where can I find a reliable scandisk program and virus check
program...www.shareware.com, yes, but what is a good one to use?

I'll share your responses.

Julie Radtke, Librarian
Loyola Sacred Heart High School
320 Edith
Missoula, MT 59801
FAX 405-542-1432

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