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After requesting one from the network, I found one on my own.
Several people asked for a hit.

Cheerleader-L Discussion List-Serv!

To SUBSCRIBE (or UNSUBSCRIBE) to this list, send a message to:


with a message body (leave the subject line blank)
   SUB cheerleader-l your_first_name your_last_name
   (or UNSUB cheerleader-l)

(I am assuming you leave the subject line blank and do not include
your signature)

Note:  The list name is CHEERLEADER-L, not

After subscribing, to post to the list, send your messages to:

If you have any trouble or comments send e-mail to the sponsor.
Sponsor:  Middle Tennessee State University
Email:  mtcheer@frank.mtsu.edu

This information was found at  http://www.mtsu.edu/~mtcheer/list.html

Please direct any questions you have to the sponsor because I just
sent my subscription off minutes ago and therefore know NOTHING more
than the above message.  Maybe I'll soon be chatting with you fellow
cheer coach librarians on the cheer list serve too!

I was happy to see I wasn't the only librarian who was suckered into
coaching cheerleaders!!

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