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   Joan Rosen on 2/27/97 asked about switching or not to LC subject heading.
 I am now using LC subject headings in all my current cataloging.  Both my
library system's automated catalog and our state's main database (ILLINET)
uses LC subject headings.  Anything I send to our library system is put in LC
automatically anyway.  I was lucky to get a copy of LC subject headings while
at the Library of Congress (they have a gift book section where duplicates
are available--or were a couple of years ago).
   I have not had the time to go back and do any retroconversion from Sears
headings. And I doubt if there is time or money to do so in the future.  I
tell my students that we are in a period of transition--I still have a card
catalog because there's only one PAC catalog with our library system's
holdings on three CD-ROMs.  So, they know to look in both places for the time

Lou Ann Jacobs
Pontiac Twp. H.S.
Pontiac IL

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