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I recently purchased the book It's Perfectly Normal by Robie Harris.  For
those of you not familiar with this book, it very explicitly describes and
shows with drawings how our bodies mature during adolescence and deals with
questions that our maturing children are asking. The book also talks about
sexual issues (AIDS, homosexuality, etc.) I think it is an excellent book
and bought two with the intention of placing one copy for circulation and
one in reference (non-circulating).  At the moment, the book is being
reviewed by the principal and other administrators.  My questions are:
1) For those of you with this title or similar titles, do you allow the
book to circulate and go home?
2) Has anyone experienced a challenge to this book or similar book?  If so,
what happened?

Your input is greatly appreciated.  I will post these hits.

Carol Fuerth
Library Media Teacher
Potrero Hill Middle School
566 DeHaro Street
San Francisco, CA  94107

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