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I am on the Technology subcommittee staff development for our
district. I am a confirmed believer that it doesn't matter how much
money we spend on technology, if we don't properly train our staff we
are just wasting money.

If any district has already developed this part of their technology
plan and would be willing to share their plans with us we would
appreciate it.

We are really interested in the following items.

1. How much of the technology budget should be allocated to staff

2. a survery to determine the wants and needs of the faculty
concerning technology and staff workshops.

3. survery to determine the current level of competency for faculty.

Any input would be greatly appreciated as we begin the challenging

Jackie Porter, Media Specialist
Norman Junior High School          "The difference between fiction
301 West Ninth Street               and reality? Fiction has to make
Crossett, Arkansas 71635            sense."          Tom Clancy

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