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If you want to keep track of the Oprah Book Club you should check
out the ALA web site -------  http://www.ala.org/events/promoevents/
 The web site announces that ALA is working with Oprah Winfrey's
staff on the Book Club.  On the web site you can find out when
announcements will be made, what books have been selected, how books
are selected for the club and procedures for buying the book from
book distributors before the announcement (without knowing the title
of the book). Before the announcement the Web Page was titled "Oprah
Winfrey Announces Next Book Title February 28."  On the day of the
announcement it was changed to  "Oprah Winfrey Announces Stones From
The River."

Gail Zachariah  zacharga@oplin.lib.oh.us
Member Services Librarian
Ohio Valley Area Libraries
252 W. 13th Street
Wellston, OH      voice/fax 614-384-2103/2106

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