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Dear 'Netters,

I have a question and a recommendation of a book.

Has anyone every heard of the Nortel Institute for Excellence in Education
in Canada?  I got a flyer in the mail today for a grant they sponsor.  It
is due the end of this month, and I would like more information before I
spend a lot of time on the thing.

Second,  I would like to recommend Jennings Michael Burch's book _They
Cage Animals at Night_ to all MS and HS libraries.This author is the
winner of the Eliot Rosewater award in Indiana this year.  This is a new
reading program sponsoned by AIME to encourage recreational reading among
high school students.  The students have selected this author as our first
winner.  I have not had a student yet who didn't like the book. Matter of
fact when I gave the book to a junior student she remarked that she would
have to hide the book from the rest of the kids in her English class
because they all want to read it.  What greater testimony could any book


Kathy Keck  kkeck@ideanet.doe.state.in.us
Crawfordsville High School
Crawfordsville, IN

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