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TARGET: Verification of two poems' originality 04/29/98 Elizabeth Letterly
Humor - It happened here 04/29/98 Picone's
Re: Costs of Elec. BookShelf & Acc. Reader 04/29/98 Eliece Edge
HIT: Science and Education Project sites 04/29/98 Josephine Dervan
THANKS: web sites for parents 04/29/98 Pati Daisy
Canadian Images Canadiennes 4 04/29/98 Marilyn Ouimet
REF: Rings in bulls noses.. no bull? 04/29/98 KATHLAU
Target: Bib on Abusive YA Relationships 04/29/98 Marty Pankratz
HIT: Ten Month Contract (part 1) 04/29/98 RKFett99
HIT: Ten Month Contract (Part 2) 04/29/98 RKFett99
Gen: Quote on rate of tech advances 04/29/98 Susan Brown
Follett catalog entries 04/29/98 Max and Leslie Radloff
No Subject 04/29/98 Phyllis Jensen
HIT: Ten month contract (Part 3) 04/29/98 RKFett99
Target: surviving mental illness book 04/29/98 DFHolzheim
HIT: Selection, weeding policies, etc. 04/29/98 Gary M Fleeger
TARGET: Unique evaluation tool for librarians? 04/29/98 Gary M Fleeger
Gen: promoting students who have been held back 04/29/98 Lakes
Alternative Shelving 04/29/98 Earl Sande Earl Sande <sandes@wilken-dsm.com>
GEN: web atlas 04/29/98 Linda Slacum
Booting up problem 04/29/98 Madeline Buchanan
marriage proposal in the library! 04/29/98 Suby Wallace
TECH: HP LaserJet 4L printer 04/29/98 NPHHALL
MID: Slang lesson 04/29/98 Gayle Hodur
GEN: Did you know? 04/29/98 Nancy A. Noack
GEN: Fox Chapter book title 04/29/98 Karen DeFrank
GEN: Book Review Sites 04/29/98 Karen DeFrank
Humor 04/29/98 Karen DeFrank
leaders in the field of research (besides Michael Eisenberg) 04/30/98 lib62
Target:Block Scheduling 04/30/98 Jean Bickel
teacher appreciation poem 04/30/98 gw
Mouse balls 04/30/98 Gail Shipley
Library Aide 04/30/98 Kimberly Carr
Job in Onieda, NY 04/30/98 usjlibrary
GEN: RE: women in research 04/30/98 Jody Gerlock
More humor: it happened here 04/30/98 Constance Vidor
Library Aide and postings 04/30/98 Constance Vidor
Help needed --Dewey Classification Numbers 04/30/98 Dale Ledgerwood
GEN: USDA Agricultural yearbook 04/30/98 Jody Gerlock
New Pathways Resource: Confidentiality Concerns in School-Linked 04/30/98 Jan Bakker
Signatures on Netscape 4.03 04/30/98 michele Missner
EBS expense 04/30/98 Gail Wood
FW: library aide 04/30/98 Denise Meyerink
TARGET: Martin Gansberg 04/30/98 rich tabis
JOBS: PA Middle School-Sabbatical Replacement 04/30/98 Dorian Garbin
SEC 04/30/98 Library
Acc. reader 04/30/98 Cyd Hanson
Do you remember "Tweed Perfume"? 04/30/98 Peg Kleppinger
gen: spelling of a word 04/30/98 Karen Hoth
TECH: server internet connections 04/30/98 Ellen Hanson
Re: TARGET: middle school library help 04/30/98 Dr. Allan O'Grady Cuseo
HIT: Multimedia presentation software (part 2) 04/30/98 Brenda Hahn
elem: great kapok tree in pb? 04/30/98 George Boyer
Mouse Balls 04/30/98 George Skyles
SEC: Library Aides 04/30/98 Peterson, Linda S
Contemporary Authors series 04/30/98 tammyd
GEN: Pico vs. Island Trees 04/30/98 Barbara Stripling
TECH: SUGGESTIONS FOR NEW LIBRARY / ASAP 04/30/98 Barbers Hill High School Library
Tech->where to purchase the SONY Mavica digital camera? 04/30/98 Melinda Miller-Widrick
HIT: Lord of the Flies 04/30/98 Gregory Lum
Gen: Need Book Title 04/30/98 Paige Ysteboe
MAC Software 04/30/98 jan
Gen: Poem needed 04/30/98 Sara Dinges
None 04/30/98 jan
Re: FW: library aide 04/30/98 Earl Sande
GEN: Pico vs. island Trees 04/30/98 Kathy Geronzin
GEN: Copyright 04/30/98 Kathy Geronzin
CHILDREN'S LITERATURE: PhD Research Opportunity 04/30/98 Gerald R. Brown
HIT: EBS Price Tage 04/30/98 John Blackard
HIT: Follett (Windows) vs Nichols' Athena (Pt 2: Other Systems) 04/30/98 Naomi Lloyd
HIT> Teacher Portfolio 04/30/98 Cindy Franklin
TARGET: Menuing program 04/30/98 Nina Stull
Tech. Aide is moving to Mass. 04/30/98 Rychie Nelson
GEN:NEW SITE FOR TEACHERS 04/30/98 Josephine Dervan
HIT: USMARC/852 Holdings, Microlif and USMARC 04/30/98 Naomi Lloyd
LM_NETter's Favorite Books for Children 04/30/98 Karen DeFrank
HIT: Shareware for 1) serials management and 2) spine label 04/30/98 Naomi Lloyd
LM_NETters Favorite Books for Children pt. 2 04/30/98 Karen DeFrank
AASL Receives 1998 World Book-ALA Goal GrantBookt title: Elem 04/30/98 Debra Kilcup Steven Hofmann <shofmann@ALA.ORG>
SEC-SS Resource 04/30/98 Rychie Nelson
Video of "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing"? 04/30/98 Gail Faughn
HIT: Search, Holiday,Women's History,Career/Jobs Sites 04/30/98 Josephine Dervan
GEN:International Herald Tribune article on libraries 04/30/98 Deborah J. Stafford
help - need prices and standards 04/30/98 Ruth Smith
TARGET: Good Family Sites 04/30/98 Cheryl W. Stevens
Target: Educators in the UK 04/30/98 Louise P. Jones (941) 773-3181
Re: GEN: Fox Chapter book title 04/30/98 Rebecca Endlich
full text periodical data base 04/30/98 Kevin Dellit
Humor:poetic error messages 04/30/98 KATHLAU
TARGET: Lands and Peoples deal still available? 04/30/98 Joanne E. Ladewig
Hit: Rings in Bull's noses...No Bull!! 04/30/98 KATHLAU
Re: leaders in the field of research (besides Michael Eisenberg) 04/30/98 Irwin - Maureen S.
RESOURCE: Finding Books 04/30/98 Joni J Rathbun
TARGET: Grant Writing - on "paid" or "volunteer" time? 04/30/98 Joanne E. Ladewig
Animal Dissection on CD Rom 04/30/98 Mary Bludnicki
Re: Magnolias in Toronto 04/30/98 Gerald R. Brown
Accelerated Reader 04/30/98 Anne Oelke

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