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Hello again everyone, here is a short tale to go with the clams for the day...

Louie the lobster died and went to heaven.

St. Peter opened the gate and because Louie sang, played, and entertained so

well in a disco under the sea, St. Peter welcomed Louie in and gave him a

beautiful golden harp.

Louie had a wonderful time for about a week, singing and playing the harp,

Then, he got homesick for his friend, Sam, who owned the disco under the sea.

Louie asked St Peter if he could go back down to the disco for just one more


St. Peter said OK but Louie had to be back at exactly midnight, so Louie said

OK he would, and took off with his harp and went down to see Sam in the disco.

Louie played and sang and had fun all evening, and on a break he looked at his

watch and it was 1 minute to 12. Louie rushed out of the disco and back up to

heaven. He knocked on the gate and St.Peter opened it and said, "Louie you just

made it, but (and what a big butt it is!), I cannot let you in because you forgot 
your harp.

Louie was crestfallen and now had another ballad to sing "I Left My Harp in

Sam's Clam Disco".

Aloha...   Earl J.

<center>earlj@moniz.org, emoniz@nccu.edu, OR earlj.moniz@mci2000.com

web site composer, life-long learner and self-employed librarian

Earl J. Moniz [ http://www.moniz.org ]

<bold><italic>An old Maui boy with a poor sense of direction...

</italic></bold>Fayetteville, North Carolina

Aloha, y'all. . .


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