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Library Science in the Public Interest (LSPI), a Washington-based research
group, has just released it's latest findings on patron satisfaction when
using On-line Public Access Catalogs (OPACs).  This study was commissioned
in response to patron outrage over libraries replacing the "old wooden
catalog file" with impersonal computers.

The major complaint by patrons was that they missed the smell and feel of
the cards in the catalog as they browse the catalog for books. To eliminate
this problem, a new product has been introduced to again bring happiness to
the millions of library users across the country.

The product, CyberSniff  is a scratch-n-sniff computer screen, which, when
interfaced with your current OPAC, will produce the smell and feel of those
old library card files.  Just a simple scratch on the patented CyberSniff
monitor produces the wonderful aroma of freshly-typed library cards, and
the feel of typed tagboard beneath your fingers.

Patrons have a choice of odors: "New Additions", "Old favorites" "Never
Been Circulated" and "Older than Dewey". Another feature allows patrons to
sniff the section they're searching: for example the 370's smell like a
classroom; the 590's like a zoo; the 630's like farm animals; the 796's
like a locker room, and much more.

LSPI reports that tests of CyberSniff  in several major libraries produced
catalog-searching patrons who were almost 230% happier when compared with
ordinary plastic-smelling OPAC searches.  It seems there's nothing like the
smell of a good card file.

This product can be tested, free of charge,  at <
http://CyberSniff.apr1fls.com/gotcha >, or by simply scratching this spot,
and placing your nose very close to the screen.  Don't let other libraries
nose you out -- order CyberSniff today and start sniffing your way to
happier patrons tomorrow!

Eugene  Colorado State Library:                 Voice: 303-866-6730
Hainer  School Library Media Dev.               fax: 303-866-6940
                201 E. Colfax/Denver 80203              Hainer_G@cde.state.co.us

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