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Okay, lets try this again.
>>Thank you to all who responded to my question on security systems!  There
>>is some real wisdom here that can only come from experience!
>>Linda - I did a similar survey when I opened a new media center three years
>>ago.  There were quite a few responses - perhaps because the question was
>>new.  At any rate I got a lot of responses from people who said 3M was not
>>responsive to requests for help and even though it was the standard they
>>were not happy with the company.  Many people also indicated they did not
>>loke the Checkpoint system because it was so easy to rip out the patch and
>>defeat the system.  Based on that info I selected Gaylord's Guardian
>>system.  It has not been trouble-free (I wonder if any are?) but on the
>>other hand, the support has been VERY responsive whenever we had a problem.
>>The system uses the same magnetic strips as 3M.  On the whole, we have been
>>very satisfied.  Floyd
>>Floyd Pentlin, Library Media Specialist                 VOICE:  816-251-8516
>>Lee's Summit North HS, 901 NE Douglas                   FAX:    816-251-8596
>>Lee's Summit, MO 64086
>>Linda -
>>file this one in the "for what it's worth" category.  I'm new on the job
>>year and the security system that was installed in my library 2 years ago
>>never worked correctly.  It is a Guardian system from Gaylord.  The way I
>>understand it, the contractors installed it incorrectly right from the
>>but subsequent attempts to get it fixed have been unsuccessful and very
>>frustrating.  It worked sporadically through last school year and hasn't
>>at all since I've been here.  Our business manager has put in multiple
>>calls to
>>Gaylord, most of which landed in a voice mail box and were not returned.  I
>>don't know if this is typical for them, but it's been a real problem for us.
>>Brian Regan
>>School Library Media Specialist
>>East Rochester High School
>>East Rochester, NY 14445
>>We have the 3M tattletape system in our library.   It's been in place
>>since we moved to our new building in 1993.  We had an older model in our
>>old building which didn't work as well.  Overall. we are pleased, but
>>there are a few things to consider.
>>- the maintenance contract (which covers the gates as well as the
>>sensitizing/desensitizing units) is EXPENSIVE!   We nearly didn't renew
>>it this year due to the increase, but the circulation staff rebelled, so
>>we did renew it.
>>- the strips, while available for print, videos, CDs, audio cassettes,
>>etc. are expensive.
>>- you need to buy special (but relatively inexpensive) sensitizers and
>>desensitizers for audio and video cassettes - non-magnetic units.   You
>>can use the regular book units with CDs.
>>- We use large plants between and on either side of our two gates (one
>>exit, one entrance).   The leaves of one plant blocked the sensor on the
>>gate, and since we had no idea what was wrong, we had to call the service
>>- The gates are picking up small (fraction of an inch in length) security
>>strips that convenience stores are putting on candy, mints, gum,
>>cigarettes, etc.   We have to be very careful when we ask
>>students/faculty/staff/administrators to step back to the circ desk, and
>>we try to explain this to them.   The textbook publishers are also
>>putting strips in their textbooks since many colleges/universities have
>>open shelf bookstores.   We are really busy the first couple weeks of
>>each semester explaining that to the students!
>>I would recommend this system.
Stay tuned for part 2>

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